Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 8- Oscar goes for his first walk

Day 8- 2/26/2011

Oscar's recovery continues to be a gradual process. Every day he seems to have a little more energy then the one before. He went for his first walk around the block yesterday. It was quite slow because he lifts his leg to every snowbank (not yet neutered). He walks well on a leash until I pull him in a direction he doesn't want to go, he then adamantly pulls in the opposite direction. He quickly forgets why and eventually follows me.

We are hoping the vet will be able to close his wound next week. All of the exposed tissue is pink and growing. They will evaluate him on Tuesday so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Once the wound is closed his daily dressing changes will be over and he can have more freedom.

When he hangs out with us he loves to have his head and butt rubbed. He is the kind of dog who strategically places his head below your hand so you have to rub it. If you itch his butt he arches his back like a cat and stands on his hind tip toes to get closer. He just loves the attention. He still has yet to have an accident in our house so I consider him relatively house trained. He whines when he wants something and is it my job to figure out what that is. It generally means he is hungry, he has to go to the bathroom or he wants attention. He is quite smitten with my boyfriend so I think he will be a daddy's boy.

Today there were some police sirens going off and he howled a sweet melody with them. I have never heard him bark so someone will be adopting a howler.

Thanks everyone for reading and continue spreading the word about sweet Oscar. We are almost half way to our fundraising goal for him so keep up the good work!!

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