Monday, February 21, 2011

Oscar's Journey to Minnesota

A bit from the volunteers who brought Oscar from the Rez to Secondhand Hounds:

Oscar was found in an area "off the Rez" near the home/farm of a gentleman named Dennis who is well known among the rescue groups as a self-admitted animal hoarder. Oscar had a "traveling companion" who was a Husky/Husky mix. They were both strays, and were likely roaming the area around Dennis' home because he keeps numerous dogs outside, with food accessible. Oscar was not fond of the leash (not aggressive at all, just put on the brakes immediately upon being leashed), indicating that he hasn't had much - if any - experience with one in his life.

Oscar's wound is not new, according to the vet. He has been self-cleansing the wound to the best of his ability, but it is deeply contaminated and will require daily cleansing until it begins to heal from the inside. In spite of the severity of the laceration, Oscar allowed us, without distress or any signs of aggression, to load him into a crate once, then move him out of the crate into a new crate in a different car, and then rode home for over 5 hours without a peep.

Oscar has the look of a very large, all white German Shepherd. Because of his height, and the size and shape of his head, he appears to have some Great Pyrenees in his breed makeup as well (this breed is often seen on the Rez because of its ability to survive the climate). He is significantly underweight - currently about 70 lbs - and could easily stand to gain 15-20 pounds to fill out his statuesque frame. His teeth are in beautiful condition, and the vet has approximated his age at about 1-2 years old. With proper vetting and a loving home, he will likely have many healthy years ahead of him. He has shown a loving and docile personality in the face of great pain and a challenging life. Ironically, we named him Oscar as part of our "Sesame Street" character theme, but he is the polar opposite of his "Grouchy" namesake. :)

He is so deserving of a warm, generous, and loving home...

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