Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 5 - A Note from Rachel

Day 5- 2/23/11

Today's post is from Rachel, Secondhand Hounds Director.

Today Kyle and I (Rachel) went over to Nicci and Matt's place to change Oscar's dressings. Nicci was working a 24 hour shift, so while Matt and I held Oscar and scratched him, Kyle had the opportunity to practice his medical skills! (He may not have seen it that way, but I like to think it was a mutually beneficial on both Oscar and Kyle's part!) Oscar did great once again; he is so incredibly tolerant and trusting. You could tell it hurt, but he was such a trooper. The wound looked a lot better today; there was a ton of drainage from last night, so today it looked very pink and healthy! It also smelled less. Tomorrow Oscar goes in to see how it is progressing, so fingers crossed!

Oscar still spends most of his days sleeping. It is obviously painful for him to move much. He is on 2000 mg of
Amoxicillin each day as well as Tramadol for pain. When he is up and about he just wants a couple scratches on the head and then goes to find a soft spot to sleep. At this point he is not much of a watch dog; when I knock on the door, I watch him roll over sleepily onto his back and slowly wag his big tail a couple times. So sweet!

Thank you to everyone who has donated. It means so much to SHH that we have such incredible supporters who make it possible for us to say YES with conviction when we hear about these sad cases. It is truly a testament to your compassion and love. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, both human and canine.

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