Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 4- Nicci and Rachel change Oscar's dressing

Day 4- 2/22/11

Rachel took some very nice pictures of Oscar at the office yesterday. He loved it there because he could stare outside at the falling snow. He continues to move around slowly and only when he has too. He loves to be in our 3 season porch because it is cooler. Last night was another good night for him. After he took some tramadol he slept soundly from 9 pm until 9 am. When he awoke he immediately wanted to eat. His favorite concoction thus far is puppy chow, cottage cheese and turkey/chicken. I throw in his antibiotics and he doesn't even notice!

To the left was Oscar's sleeping spot for part of the night last night. He loves to steal Cree's dog bed. Usually she barks at any dog that takes this, but for him she made an exception. I think we all agreed he looked very peaceful and comfortable. His favorite thing so far is belly rubs which proves difficult with all of his bandaging!

After eating this AM it was time for the daily dressing change. We gave him a dose of tramadol before starting. Rachel was on hand for the necessary head holding and distracting while I cleaned and redressed his wound. There was obviously a lot of pus and bloody drainage which is good. The sooner he gets rid of all that gunk the better. The wound is very deep red and showed new tissue growth which is the first step toward healing. I wiped away the dead tissue and reapplied honey in the wound. We then redressed his stomach with a lot of gauze and tape. I must say we did pretty good. The picture shown is the 'after picture'. As you can see he still wants me to rub his belly. Thankfully he still likes me.

I am so impressed with all of the donations that are coming in. We couldn't do any of this without your support. If you are interested in fostering of volunteering for Secondhand Hounds, who saved Oscar, please visit www.secondhandhounds.org for more information.


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