Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 12- Oscar's wound is going to be closed!

Day 12- 3/2/2011

Oscar is improving by leaps and bounds. Every day he has more spunk and is starting to play with Matt and I. He still loves to howl with the police sirens, but never barks. As I have said before he loves the three season porch and uses it as his safe place. Matt and I have been slowly introducing him to the house, and he now can lay in the living room for about an hour before he wants to go back out on the porch, which is a huge improvement. He is following the lead of Thurman and Cree, which may not be the best, since their favorite game is jumping the fence and cruising the neighborhood. Thankfully, Oscar isn't into jumping.

Dressing changes continue to be daily, but we went for his one week check up at the vet yesterday. They were very impressed with his wound and think it is ready to be closed. The plan is to close his wound and neuter him next Tuesday. I am so excited for him because then his dressing changes will be OVER! He anticipates these changes daily and avoids the kitchen, where they happen, like the plague. Hopefully, he will not need the cone of shame. The most excited news for me is that he has gained 7 pounds in one week!! I attribute that to his high calorie/protein diet in addition to treating his tapeworm.

Oscar has really become special to Matt and I. It is so inspiring to have a dog that has been through so much and yet still licks your face and smiles at you when you bring him food. He is truly appreciative for everything we have done for him. Thank you to everyone who has donating to his care. It has allowed him a second chance at life.


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  1. It's so great to hear that Oscar is healing, and to know that he's getting such loving care. Thanks Nicci. He'll always have a special spot in our hearts; spending 8 hours with that stinky boy in the back of our car is forever etched in our memories! :)



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